Using non-recyclable facial wipes now is something we should all avoid as there is such a great choice available that is completely recyclable. My top choice is

Cheeky Wipes – these are made of bamboo towelling, and can be washed and reused. 10 pads for £9.95

Look Fantastic – Yes to Primrose Oil 2 in 1 Facial Wipes – Harnessing the powers of calming Evening Primrose Oil, the gentle face wipes work to sweep away makeup and dirt while infusing skin with moisture and minimising the look of redness. Lightly fragranced and non-greasy, skin is left feeling refreshed and hydrated with a more even tone. £4.99 for 30 wipes

EYEKO  – Marks & Spencer Mascara Off Wipes – “100% pure cotton wipes remove all traces of even the smokiest eye make-up gently, quickly and efficiently. Infused with a botanical blend featuring key ingredients Olive Oil and Aloe Extract to condition and soothe the delicate eye area. Perfect for travellers or just to pop in your bag to cleanse on the go leaving eyes and skin feeling soft and refreshed. ” £6 for 10.

Natural Wipes – Make-up Remover FACE wipes

push down and pop it up so you can naturally clean with a fresh, new cloth every time. Each Naturalwipe pod contains a plush, compact cloth that removes the toughest makeup form the tiniest package.
the toughest makeup from the tiniest package. Push away. £15.99 for 50

Canny Mum Bamboo Biodegradable Plastic Free Cloth Wipes – Exceptionally soft, pure and chemical free CannyMum wipes are perfect for newborn babies as well as all the family. Just like cotton wool CannyMum wipes have nothing added to them unless you add it and are designed for making homemade wet wipes by simply adding water. £10.59 for 200.



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