Ten tips on how to save some money the easy way.

1.Buy, buy and buy everything online using cash back sites of which there are many – I will cover this more deeply in another post but one good one to start with is www.free-stuff.co.uk
2. When you buy your supermarket shopping do a comparison on line with www.mysupermarket.comwho will work out the cheapest option for you. They also keep your shopping list for the next time you log on.
3. Make sure you don’t buy anything over the phone by enlisting to the Telephone Preference Service – phone 0845 070707 or visit www.tpsonline.org.uk

4. Make some handmade cards to sell online for Christmas. I love making cards and always make my own for Christmas.
5. Take up knitting and sewing to make your own clothes or items that you could sell on ebay, or enjoy it for yourself. I’ve had a field day this year after buying a midi sewing machine.
6. Keep a fishbowl in a handy place to put all your (and others) loose change into it and make your pennies into pounds for Christmas.
7. Save one tin of food or anything else that has a long sell by date once a week then you can soon make up a hamper for a Christmas or Birthday present, saving you time going round shopping for one.
8.Mix your own brand products with more expensive brands to make them go further, for example, washing powder, dishwasher powder, rinsead, shampoo, fabric softener, the list in endless and I bet you have some bits left in nearly every cupboard.
9. Fill your ice-cube trays with left over wine for your recipes and freeeze concentrated chicken and beef stock in lollipop trays.
10. Rent out part of your garden as an allotment space which will mean less work for you to do in the garden and possibly cheaper vegetables as well as earning a bit of extra cash and social distancing the right way.

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