We all tend to over indulge over Christmas and with the year we have had this year we may be tempted to over do our drink and eating so I thought this handy guide from VeganCity might remind us to take it easy.

According to a report by theRoyal College of Psychiatrists, it’s thought that nearly double the amount of people in the UK drank “high-risk” amounts of alcohol in the first lockdown—that’s a whopping 8.4 million people—let alone what the stats will show from the second lockdown.Add this to the fact that liver disease isnowthe third biggest cause of death in those aged between 18 and 65 (despite 90% of the cases being preventable),andhowalcoholalreadycosts the NHSbillionsevery year2,it’s no doubt that the UK is set to see big fallout health issues from COVID-19 long term.

Here,Simon Bandy ofnatural health specialistsVeganicity,explains why the best gift…

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