As well as many other pains and discomfort with Fibromyalgia, many sufferers also have to deal with ear problems.

The pain may occur in or around the ear. Often patients complain of a feeling of fullness in the ear. The ear may also ache or experience ringing/tinnitus. However, the prognosis of these ear-related symptoms in fibromyalgia patients is unknown.

While ontological symptoms such as tinnitus have been reported to be commonly associated with Fibromyalgia, the reason for this association has yet to be examined in detail.

Fibromyalgia Syndrome UK explain about tinnitus – “Tinnitus (from the Latin word which means ringing) is a condition that affects around one tenth of the population at any given time. The condition can be experienced by people of all ages and is often described as a whistling, buzzing, ringing or humming sound that can be heard either in the ears or in the head.”

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