With a number of companies offering influencers the opportunity to join them and collaborate for jobs with top companies, it’s difficult to decide which company to join.

There are literally tons offering opportunities with them, most are free to sign up and some are a monthly fee. Some have genuine collaborations that inspire you to write brilliant posts for them and others just seem to offer the off Facebook or Instagram pitches.

If you are quite new at this type of work it means you will not qualify for many opportunities until you have a lot of followers on most of the platforms, in particular Instagram. Your site or blog also needs to have a high da ( domain authority) on the internet so it is quite hard to get going in this business.

For me personally, I have been writing my back pain blog for a number of years which has a da of 28, which is quite good and I have a high number of Twitter and Pinterest followers but my Instagram has only just started getting more followers as it’s quite difficult to have a picture you can post if your writing an awful lot about pain and how to overcome it. I decided that the only way around this was to use my own pictures on Canva and put the blog title in the picture and post to Instagram and slowly but surely my followers are getting a bit higher.

I have always loved writing so doing this on a daily basis is like a dream come true for me but I put just as much work into my other two blogs but because their da’s are not very high I am not being offered the work. I find this very frustrating but I am determined to keep at it to succeed as we all like to feel it’s worth our effort putting pen to paper.

I have joined a number of companies that offer influencers work and will list them here. To benefit the most it’s a case of posting on your blog or website and Instagram as often as you can in the hope your site will start to be recognised on the big wide web.

Intellifluence was the first US company I joined and are absolutely brilliant. They offer regular pitches to go for, have articles to help improve your skills, you are given badges to put on your site to show you are a trusted influencer and the dashboard is easy to see all your posts. Payment is excellent and fast and although I could earn €5 for referring friends there is not a link to put on here for that. This company is definitely my number one choice.

Get Blogged is a UK based influencer company and is very easy to get around and get work from like the one above. They offer pitches out to everyone based on the da of blogs. You then pitch for it in the hope you will get picked. Payment is quick and easy and they always have a large selection of jobs for writers of dating sites. They are a team of friendly business owners most of who are bloggers. It has a great choice of jobs and the application is easy to process through.

Bloggers Required is another UK based company and easy to get up and running with. They have over 16,000 bloggers and you can subscribe to their mailing list to receive new and exclusive blogging assignments, jobs and news. Paid into PayPal like all the others. Bloggers Required is a blogger outreach service with a Worldwide blogging community that connects brands & bloggers via blogging assignments to help with blogger and influencer outreach.

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