MS AWARENESS WEEK April 19th-25th, 2021 – #LetsTalkMS…


MS Awareness week will run from 19th-25th April, 2021. The focus of the MS Societies Awareness Week is a chance to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, and spread the word. #LetsTalkMS.

MS Awareness Week are saying #LetsTalkMS.

The MS Society will give you the tools to feel confident about speaking up. And share stories of how others found their voice. With your help, you can create lots of buzz on social media and in the press. #LetsTalkMS.

This year MS Awareness Week wants you to speak up about MS and the work of the MS Trust. Multiple sclerosis is a complex condition which is often misunderstood. By raising awareness of MS, and the MS Trust work supporting people living with the condition, you’ll help ensure everyone with MS gets the support and information they need.

People with M.E. disappear from society and can easily be forgotten and overlooked. The MS Trust

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