January has been a wet and cold month but it has not stopped me from writing lots of posts across all my blog sites which include Back Pain Blog UK, Afternoon Tea4Two, The Village Kitchen and Images of A Hygge Lifestyle.

I kicked off in January with a post on –

23 Reasons to Read Through Back Pain Blog UK’s post for December

2. 14 Reasons Why You Should Read Through Afternoon Tea4Two’s Blog Posts for December

3. 12 Reasons to Read Through The Village Kitchen posts for December

4. 30 Things I Plan to Try and Achieve in 2022

5. My very popular Sleep Sunday post reblogged from my Back Pain Blog

6. Another repost from my Back Pain Blog about how Aquatic Exercise is Better Than Physical Exercise for Lower Back Pain.

7. Using Social Media Channels to Start and Expand a Business

8. Thursday’s Quote to Motivate You ( I hope)

9. A very interesting company which I am writing about on my Back Pain Blog. Supplements for Fibromyalgia from DNA.

10. Health Awareness Days for February 2022

11. Get Your Photos Featured on Photofocus! – an interesting read about how to get your photos onto Photofocus.

12. A new type of therapy for pain that I have written about on my Back Pain Blog. PEMF Therapy for All Types of Pain

13. This just has to be worth a go at. Get £500 for Drinking Tea and Decide on the Ultimate ‘Builders Brew’

14. Another popular Sleep Sunday post this time about the best CBD oils for insomnia – Sleep Sunday – Let’s Talk About 4 of the Best CBD Oils for Insomnia

15. The NHS list of 20 most painful conditions which includes Fibromyalgia and which I write about on my Back Pain Blog. Fibromyalgia is Listed in the NHS 20 most Painful Conditions.

16. I don’t know about you but I like a little bit about History. This post was reposted from my Afternoon Tea4Two Blog on A Little Bit of History About Tea From 1422-1502

I hope you have enjoyed reading some of my posts for January. I will finish with a quote that I hope is quite motivational for you. Don’t forget to check out all my media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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