According to Money Magpie, “some tax discs have even gone for up to £1,000 and now, more than six years after they became useless, they’re still climbing in value. In fact, a collection was sold in May 2021 on eBay for £1,666!

Skint Dad writes that you just need to sell them on to a collector. The thing you need to consider is whether you want to make some money immediately, or if you can hang onto them for a while in the hope their value will go up.

A survey showed that 48% of people simply threw the tax disc away when it ran out but a third chose to hang on to it as a keepsake. This means there are fewer tax discs in existence and the ones remaining could get a good financial return.

One of the best places to sell your item at the moment is eBay. Your stash could be scooped by a “velologist” – someone who buys and trades car discs – on the hunt for a new collection. And, according to The Sun newspaper, if you have one that is un-perforated, it appears to be more attractive to buyers.

If you have a Welsh car tax disc lurking somewhere at the back of your cupboard, it might be worth taking it out and putting it on eBay, as they are some of the rarest discs you can find. Old car tax discs can sometimes go for hundreds of pounds, including this one dated from the 1920s.

Money Magpie explains that people were already selling tax discs before production was stopped, but now that there are only a limited amount of them left, the longer you keep them, the more valuable they will be. They have become collectable just like old stamps.

  • The highest amount paid for a tax disc so far is £1,087.80, which was for a disc from 1921 – the year car tax discs were first introduced.
  • The previous record was a disc from the same batch which sold for a whopping £810.

.The exact return you can expect to get from your old tax disc is still unknown, however, and it’s hard to say for certain exactly how much veleologists will be willing to pay in the future. While some sell on eBay for 99p, others sell for £250.

Source: Money Magpie, Skint Dad, The Sun

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