Unfortunately, there are a number of pain myths and facts with some being around for many years…

  1. Myth – ‘Your painkillers will stop working if you take them too often‘. The short answer is no, not without approval from your healthcare provider. Dosage schedules are in place to minimize your pain while also protecting you from potentially dangerous side effects or accidental overdose. With narcotics, there’s the added risk of addiction.
  2. Myth – ‘You should not drink while taking painkillers‘. As a good rule of thumb, you should only drink alcohol moderately while taking painkillers unless directed by your GP.
  3. Myth – ‘Pain is a sign that something is wrong‘. This is not always the case as sometimes false pain signals can be sent. Some people can still feel pain in a limb that they have had removed.
  4. Myth – ‘No pain, no gain

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