Most bloggers, at some point, will have heard of a blog award be it from a professional organisation or from one blogger to another. You can also get blog awards from online companies that like your blog.

I received a ‘Top Chronic Pain Blog‘ award in 2016 from ‘The Migraine Relief Centre‘ and it totally made my day. This year’s awards have been amazing from February 2017 for ‘100 Best Blogs for Disabled People and Carers’ from ‘Stairlift Reviews‘, which came totally out of the blue, but again made my day.

Then in September, a blog award from ‘Health Unlocked‘ as ‘Health Unlocked top 30 blogs 2017‘.

Then came another two in October from ‘Feedspot’which awarded me with ‘Top Fifty Fibromyalgia Blog’ award and also ‘Top One Hundred Chronic Illness Blogs 2017′.

I am shocked yet again that I have been given another blog award from Home Remedies for Life who have put me on their top 25 blogs on Chronic Pain and Migraine. This is my fifth award for 2017 and it still amazes me that people find the time to read through my posts and think you are worthy of an award. I have proudly displayed the badge on my blog along with the other awards.

So far this year I have received two awards from ‘Feedspot’ which has awarded me with a

Top Ten Fibromyalgia Blog Award‘ and a ‘Top Ten UK Chronic Illness Blog‘.

I have also been nominated for a ‘Wego Health Awards‘ ‘Best in Show Blog‘, and

Wego Health Awards‘ ‘Best in Show Twitter‘. I have also been ‘Unsung Hero Award‘ from

UK Health Radio’.



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