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Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing that sources new customers via other businesses, publishers, and third-parties (affiliates). These affiliates refer their customers or readers to other brands in return for a small commission.

Affiliate marketing is a popular choice for many businesses because it’s performance-based. You get to choose which actions or events count as conversions, and you only pay out when these conversions are completed.

Affiliate marketing is highly cost-effective in comparison to other marketing techniques. The payouts for successful affiliate referrals are usually much cheaper than the costs of running a full-scale advertising campaign, for example. Because of these benefits, affiliate marketing is expected to become increasingly popular.

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Wakefield Express wrote an article on how you can earn £500 just by testing teas for a UK based company that are looking to pay three people £500 each to test what makes the ‘ultimate Builder’s Brew’.

If successful you will be hired to sample different tea brands and a range of milk, as well as drink-making methods, as part of content research for the marketplace’s website.

As well as payment for making and drinking the tea, the company are providing the candidates with a weekly supply of biscuits as it states a ‘Builder’s Brew isn’t complete without a biscuit to dunk’. is looking for its first band of ‘Builder’s Brewers’ to discover what makes the best ‘Builder’s Brew’, testing out different tea brands, milk, the addition of sugar and sweetener, as well as drink-making methods.

Builder’s Brewer job

Hours: Part-time, temporary basis, two-week-long project

Closing date:Friday 18th February 2022

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I’ve been writing from home for a number of years now. I do not sell a product so I have no shop front and the only way people can find out about me is through my media channels.

Deciding which media channels to use is very important as they need to really connect with your business.

The above is my flyer which you could post on your local Facebook page to get you started.

I am self-taught in all aspects of social media and writing and never get bored of writing as I write on a number of genres. I made myself a comfortable room to write in with a good chair and my laptop at the correct height so I do not cause any problems with my neck or back. Long story short about this as my first blog was all about back pain after undergoing several spinal surgeries many years ago.

Some people ask if I get lonely but I have made so many friends through my blogging that I can never feel lonely. I think the way to start is to design your own blog and start writing regular posts. Join the most popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, Linkedin, UTube etc. whichever suits your genre.

My blogs do not really suit media sites like Tiktok or UTube but they are extremely popular for some businesses. Once you start posting regularly and engaging with others you will soon start to get some followers.

Setting up your blog can be free but free blogging platforms can be very limiting. Things like storage limit, customising your blog and earning from it can be difficult but you can start with that to see if you enjoy blogging.

The most important thing is to decide on your niche. It’s a crowded blogosphere out there so check out your possible competition.

It can become a full-time job or a part-time job so it can be done in your spare time if that is where you want to start. You can make money from writing a blog and posting on social media sites in a number of ways.

  1. Writing guest posts.
  2. Writing reviews.
  3. Making money through affiliates.
  4. Making money as an influencer.
  5. Add banner adverts to your website.
  6. Work with an agency to build your blog.
  7. Write blogs for other companies.
  8. Transfer your blog into a book.
  9. Sell products on your blog.

A few tips on how to keep yourself motivated and inspired to keep blogging while writing from home is to ensure that you remain organized and tidy. Working from home should not mean that your desk looks like a bomb site. It will just put you off working.

The best bit about blogging is that you can work anywhere at any time even on holiday by the pool or if you fancied a change from your scenery you can pop into a coffee shop with your laptop and carry on working. I love the fact that I can pick my laptop up and work when I want and at a time that suits me.

However, if you are struggling to motivate yourself working from you. You may find that renting a desk in a nearby office helps to get your going. One thing you must remember is to take regular breaks or you will soon burn yourself out. Go into another room or outside and have your break away from the screen for half an hour. Maybe go for a walk in your lunch break it can help to spur on new ideas.

Finally, if you do decide this is what you want to do then make sure you keep your books up to date, maybe employ an accountant and make sure your books are up to date and you have posted them to self-assessment tax return.

Feel free to ask me any questions on blogging, I am happy to help.