Knitting is one of the most popular hobbies which has had a big comeback recently with knitting groups set up all over the country.

You would be surprised how easy it is to knit something as simple as a scarf or cushion covers, blankets etc and these are also some of the easiest things to sell. Once you’ve mastered the scarf, you can move onto bags, cushion covers, and blankets, with just a few rectangles stitched together and a button here and there, they’re very satisfying to make.

If you can’t make it to a class or a group to master the art there are lots of online courses.

You can buy cheap wool from charity shops, eBay and some magazines give freebies or simply undo a jumper that you do not like anymore.

Places you could sell your knitting from are car boot sales, online Carboot Junction or Your Booty and of course eBay or craft fairs.

Other online options are Etsy, CQuot, Ebid, or Preloved.

If you are ready to make a living from your craft then Kari Chapin’s book ‘Grow Your Handmade Business’, will help by applying her trademark you-can-do-it coaching style to the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship and covering all the issues involved in turning your creative hobby into a successful business.

Kari draws the reader up through successive layers of consciousness, moving steadily toward that crucial juncture where “what you do”and”how you think”are absolutely in harmony. It is right at this point where you can grow your business, just as if you were tending a garden. There’s no mystery to the process, just a vigilant management of many tasks, all of which work together toward simple sustainability.”

This book is the follow up from the successful The Handmade Market Place. That book was aimed at people new to selling handmade this one is more about achieving long term business goals. The main focus of the book is on business planning, and writing a business plan.

A great book for someone interested in making their craft into a business and available from Amazon and other good book publishers.

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On my list of different things I wanted to achieve in 2022, one thing I wrote was that I must check my outgoings more often.

I then saw an article on Instagram (Money Mum) about how to save money from your own money by checking your bank balance at the end of every day and transferring the last pounds and pence into another account. So, for instance, if your balance at the end of the day was £228.50 then transfer the £8.50 into another account.

I had a couple of savings account with my bank which was lying dormant and empty so it was easy for me to use one of those but I was really shocked at the end of January to see that I had transferred across £65.17 and there were some days when I just simply forgot to go online to check my bank balance.

The amazing thing was that I did not miss a penny of what I had transferred with doing it every day. It has to be the easiest and trouble-free way to save money and make pennies into pounds for a rainy day.

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With the sun well and truly popping its head out in the UK this week it makes us all want to chill in the sunshine but once that sun goes behind a cloud or disappears later in the day the chill can really be felt. After all it is still only March but I love being outside so I made myself a granny blanket during the winter ready for this day to arrive.

I wrote a post on this on Afternoon Tea4Two last year and wrote what inspired me to give it a go. “The knitted blanket is a glorious expression of any grandmother’s soul; it is the colours of her dreams woven in delicate and loving hands. She would sit in that old rocking chair, hands moving, brain at peace, and from those delicate fingers would come the blankets.” Reading that paragraph in a book I was reading really…

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Love it or hate it, housework has to be done regularly but they are now saying it is also good for your health.

Housework can count as an exercise (well I already knew that), and some tasks can actually help to improve your strength and flexibility.

Apparently ironing isn’t at the top of the list for exercise but you can burn around 55 calories and it can make a significant difference to your core strength.

Vacuuming, however, can boost your core strength and can give your heart a good workout AND you could burn up around 100 calories each time.

Dusting and polishing will burn around 90 calories and helps increase flexibility as you reach up to corners and around furniture.

Changing the bed is also a good cardio workout and can burn up around 70 calories.

Mopping the floor is another good cardio workout for your heart and can…

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