If you love sweets then you are going to love this way to make a bit of extra cash.

Pick N Mix, London are looking for three official vegan sweet tasters to rate the very best vegan pick and mix around.

Their co-founder, George Edwards, explained that their vegan sweet category has seen a 350% growth in sales since last September and after they noticed that searchers for ‘vegan pick and mix’ had increased by 185% in the last month, they decided it was necessary to put even more focus on the quality of their vegan range.

You can apply to be a taster from now until the end of April at Pick N Mix, London’s website here. Simply complete the 8 question survey and let them know what makes you the perfect sweet taster.

If you get selected Pick N Mix, London will send you a free vegan pick and mix bundle worth £40, and give you an extra £50 in return for your reviews.

Vegan Sweets

Wondering what type of sweets you can expect in your bundles? Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’ll actually like what’s inside before applying! At Pick N Mix, they have a wide range of vegan sweets, some of their favourites include:

  • Love Hearts – with their pretty pastel colours and sweet, fruity flavour, Love Hearts are free from gelatine and artificial colours.
  • Flying Saucers – with the outer shell made from rice paper that melts in your mouth and filled with tangy sherbet that’s free from any animal product, these are always a hit.
  • Lemon, Cherry and Blue Raspberry Bon Bons – vibrant, sweet and sour Bon Bons are free from gluten and gelatine making them suitable for vegans.
  • Fizzy Cola Bottles – the classic Fizzy Cola Bottles are tangy and sweet and remincisnet of everyone’s childhood. They might feel and taste like jelly but they’re made from glucose syrup rather than gelatine making them entirely vegan.
  • Strawbs – bursting with flavour, Strawbs are a delightful treat that are completely free of any animal-based gelatine!
  • Fizzy Teddy Bears – with a tangy exterior and a fruity flavour, Fizzy Teddy Bears are cute as a button and tasty too, even more so knowing that they’re 100% plant-based.



Whichever way you look at it Greta Thunberg has introduced us all into a greener, eco-friendly lifestyle, but with the seriousness of how the climate crisis is at the moment, we cannot ignore it.

Now the general public are becoming more and more aware and more partial to eco-friendly products, its only natural that companies have to work towards that way.

Of course, it is not just in the UK, countries like Germany have the highest rates of recycling in the world.

Fashion designers are now looking to diversify into more eco-friendly materials. There is so much to think about from food waste, renewable electricity, mobility and consumer electronics and much more. Lots of companies are starting to label themselves “eco-friendly”, but it’s knowing if they are “truly”, “eco-friendly”. Even McDonald’s has pledged to make all of its packaging environmentally sustainable by 2025.

On the website Conserve Future Energy Be…

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If like me you love having your candles around then it’s important to know that the company you are buying from are creating them in an eco-friendly way. The biggest problem is that there are quite a number of companies that now say they sell the eco-friendly way so it’s deciding which ones to try our first.

Well, I have done a bit of homework for you and the following three I think are worth every penny and definitely sell the eco-friendly way I wanted.

1.The Mewstone Candle Company who are down south near the South Devon coast. They only use cotton wicks, 100% natural soy wax and vegan-friendly paraben-free fragrances. This particular one in a tin smells of rosemary, lavender and bergamot and will burn for around 50 hours.

They say each item from their Mewstone range is mixed, poured, packed and labelled by hand and this little…

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