A quick thrifty tip to make some money is to recycle your old beauty products.

If you go to Boots, you can get £5 worth of advantage points by dropping off five empty products. Available in 50 stores across the country, Boots UK, in partnership with No7, is the first retailer to use Scan2Recycle technology –  making it easier to recycle even the most difficult empties*. From old mascaras and empty toothpaste tubes, to finished lipsticks and empty vitamin pots.

At John Lewis, My John Lewis members can also get £5 off their next beauty purchase by handing over five or more empty beauty products.

Lush will give you a free face mask for five of Lush’s black pots.

Recycling with Back to MAC is simple: All you have to do is bring in six empty “primary containers” (meaning, an empty bottle of foundation, a panned compact or lipstick tube, empty pigment jars — in other words, the actual container that encases the product, rather than the cardboard box it may come in). In exchange for your six empties, you’re entitled to one free lipstick of your choice.

Kiehl’s reward program for recycling — appropriately called Recycle and Be Rewarded — understands that you may not finish all your products at once, so, you can recycle your empties as you finish them, and each time you bring them back to a Kiehl’s store, you’ll get a stamp; once you get 10 stamps, you’re eligible to trade it in for your choice of a travel-size item.

Garnier has a great recycle of products— you just sign up on Garnier’s site, and TerraCycle will send you a prepaid label, where you can recycle all your empty goods. Unlike some of the other programs, Garnier and TerraCycle’s “Personal Care and Beauty Brigade” has a unique reward program: For every shipment over 10 lbs., you’ll receive 2 “TerraCycle Points” per unit; those points can be redeemed for TerraCycle products (such as a hanging planter or eco-friendly school supplies), or donated to a charity of your choice.

If you’re clever, you may be able to turn old cosmetics containers into new things, like tiny pill containers for traveling, cases for carrying pins or jewelry on road trips, and things like that then sell on Ebay.

Swap an empty perfume bottle for 10% off your next purchase at The Perfume Shop, or sell them on Ebay. Top brands like Diptyque, Jo Malone and Chanel attract great prices.

You could even pop an advert in your to say you want any empty glass bottles as they can be used for lots of different things and could be sold on Ebay. I have kept a few wine bottles back to fill with fairy lights but you can buy empty bottles from The Bottle Jar Store or Amazon.

Neal’s Yard Remedies rolled out the NYR Recycle Scheme, where you can take in tricky to recycle items like facial wipe packages, pumps, atomisers and the like from any brand, and staff will take care of it for you. Now it has gone one step further, with an initiative that allows you to refill bestselling products in store once they run dry. Check store for what is available . And every time you top up an old container, you’ll save £2 per bottle.

Instagram for New Fashion Bloggers/Influencers — Words From Digital Marketer

1.Create an Instagram Business Account. 2.Create an enticing bio that makes people want to know you better. 3.Schedule your post through Later 4.Use Hashtags 5.Connect with other key influencers within your industry 6.Use Instagram Stories 7. Increase your number of followers 8. Create amazing content

Instagram for New Fashion Bloggers/Influencers — Words From Digital Marketer